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Jimmy Molloy + Lindsay Van Wert, Real Estate Agents and Advisors


Our Services

With $3 billion in home sales, we are Toronto’s pre-eminent, industry-leading real estate experts and advisors.

Unparalleled Service

You will receive concierge level service customized to your unique needs. Molloy + Van Wert takes the time to discover what matters most to you and your family and provide advice, insight, and access to the properties and neighbourhoods that best match your needs. Expect timely and regular communication throughout the process. Call, email, text us, whenever you need.

Market & Price Expertise

With access to the best market reports and local intelligence, Molloy + Van Wert delivers you expert market knowledge. We stay current with the movements and shifts of the market and respond quickly to new opportunities on your behalf. An experienced Toronto realtor is critical to understanding the nuances of pricing strategies for the different areas of the city and knowing the market value.

Negotiation Skills

Recognizing that your home is likely your biggest asset, don’t settle for anything but a proven expert. Molloy + Van Wert are constantly brokering deals in the communities they serve and know exactly what is going on with trends, pressures, and opportunities. During the transaction, we foster a strong bargaining position so you achieve the best possible results at the negotiating table.

Our Powerful Reach

No other team can match our exclusive network of contacts

Our Exclusive Network
Through an extensive and exclusive network, 40 years of combined experience, thoughtful and insightful presentations and powerful reach, Molloy + Van Wert bring consistent proven results. Our knowledge of markets – local and global – and our personal touch has delivered profound satisfaction for our clients. In a market as highly competitive as Toronto’s, intelligence is key. Our expertise comes from building a network of buyers and sellers, as well as close relationships across the industry.

Our Advantage
Together, Jimmy and Lindsay are well known in a community that extends through a wide range of demographics both in Toronto and important real estate centres around the world. One of the many advantages of our reach is that there are some properties that never see the market, or if they do, we know of them in advance. Armed with this knowledge, we can respond quickly to new opportunities on your behalf.

Knowledge Is Key
We have helped our clients buy and sell homes across a range of neighbourhoods and price points in Toronto. Our longevity has led to an extraordinary depth of awareness that is the basis of our ability to expertly analyze the market. We also have a window on the world situation, so we know how market values in Toronto compare to many others. We analyze the market from micro and macro perspectives – what’s happening on the street and what’s happening globally. After thoroughly understanding your needs, we will work with you to create a fact-based strategy that marries market intelligence with your goals.

As one of Canada’s top residential real estate agents, we have sold some of the most significant properties in Toronto.

List Local, Market Global.

International perspective and global engagement

As the fourth largest city in North America, and viewed internationally as one of the finest places to live and work in the world, Toronto is a beacon for international buyers. Our marketing plans must look beyond local neighbourhoods and also focus on the potential of a global buyer. Our international profile and connections, together with our experience, mean that we will connect you seamlessly to international markets.

Also being featured on the Christie's International Real Estate website, and the numerous international syndicated websites and their magazines is a way to present our finest properties to the world.

Each real estate listing submitted to Christie’s will benefit from additional exposure as listings are automatically syndicated to the digital edition of high-profile publications. These premium publications are a complete collection of the world's most unique properties, always bringing your home to the world.

Extensive Marketing

We use a range of platforms to market your home


Our stagers can help transform the look and feel of your home to help a buyer make an emotional connection to your property. Today’s buyers have high expectations that a home will appear nearly perfect and are willing to pay a premium for a highly polished product. Our stager incorporates the contents of your home with additional elements that will result in the highest return.


Our exceptional photographers know how to capture your home at its best by maximizing space and natural light. These photographs provide the foundation for digital and printed marketing. The photos taken of your home are often the first impression, and it is essential that the first impression be positive.

Custom Website

We will create a dedicated website to showcase your property with a custom URL. This website contains comprehensive listing information, a gallery, and neighbourhood highlights. The website is displayed on the For Sale sign and linked on MLS. We drive traffic here so that buyers have detailed information about the property and are able to easily contact us directly.

Social Media Advertising

We will showcase your property across various social media platforms which is critical for digital amplification and maximum exposure. We post your home on our social media accounts and invest in paid ad campaigns. We target active consumers and other real estate agents with buyers in mind.

Print Presentations

Molloy + Van Wert’s beautifully created feature sheets are a way for buyers to bring home a sales package with the highlights of your property including professional photographs, floor plans, and essential property information. We curate a comprehensive list of the home’s features and benefits to ensure that buyers are aware of all the positive details.

Listing Syndication

Our listings are syndicated by Christie’s International Real Estate and benefit from additional exposure by being included in the digital edition of high-profile publications including: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and Mansion Global.

Iconic Chestnut Park Lawn Sign

Our distinguished bold green signs are critical for providing high exposure to the community and people who pass by. Often this is our strongest buyer pool - people who already live or work in the area who are looking for themselves or their friends and family. A property for sale with a Chestnut Park sign demonstrates an elevated quality and credibility.

Extensive Networking

Together, Jimmy and Lindsay have a network that extends across a wide range of demographics both locally and internationally. They have built a network of buyers and sellers, as well as close relationships across the industry. This reach and insider intel enables them to provide you with opportunities.

Video Feature

A combination of technology and creativity are used to drive greater interest for your property. Now more than ever, buyers are using technology to search for properties. We work with an excellent creative team who will expertly capture and present your home in HD videos and walk-through tours.